Training Consultancy

  • Save money on your accountancy
  • Skill up on the world’s leading accountancy software
  • Add a recognised qualification to your CV
  • Learn hands-on from real accountants

Sage Accountancy Suite is a superbly powerful program – that’s one of the reasons it’s become a worldwide standard – but are you getting the most from it? That’s an important question because, by understanding the system better, you could be making worthwhile savings on your accountancy bills.

Our courses are Sage-approved as you’d expect. But they’re also unique in that you’ll be learning from accountancy-trained experts, so you don’t just learn the mouse clicks, you learn why you’re clicking, and that makes remembering and understanding a great deal easier.

Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Most people see their accounts as a necessary evil – something to do to keep the tax man at bay.  We see your accounts as an opportunity to make improvements in your business.  This can be done year on year (or more often, if need be) by comparison analysis.

Compare your sales figures, your cost of sales figures and your overheads to see where you are doing well and where you need to make improvements.  One client we did comparisons for, had his sales double.  That was good – but when we looked at his advertising costs – they had quintupled!

Some of his advertising was working but he could have saved a lot of money if he had kept track of which advertising actually resulted in sales and which didn’t.  But simply knowing that, helped him next year to spend less on advertising and keep track of where sales were coming from.

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We are accountants based near Pontypridd. Providing accounting services throughout the Rhondda Valleys, Wales

Having an accountant is necessary to all businesses but having a good accountant is vital, not just to keep the tax man at bay but to know what is happening in your business.

  1. 1

    Every business has to have accounts prepared at least on a yearly basis, in order to calculate how much tax is owed.  For many businesses, this is enough.  We can provide this service but if your looking for more from your accountant then we can do that too

  2. 2
    Tax Services

    No one wants to pay tax.  That’s human nature.  It’s a hard fact in business though, that if you are making money, generally you will owe tax.  (Unless you have invested heavily in plant and machinery during the period.)  Accountants, contrary to popular belief, don’t have magic wands.  But we do have tax planning strategies to ensure that you pay as little tax as possible.  We will do our best for your business if you can provide the information in plenty of time for the deadline.

  3. 3
    Construction Industry Scheme Tax

    Builders are notorious for being disorganised with paperwork – at least, that’s our experience, anyway!  (Sorry guys but it’s true!) That’s one reason why HMRC wants tax deducted on a monthly basis from contractors and sub-contractors in the building industry.  This can be a headache for many small businesses.  It also attracts significant fines from HMRC if not submitted on a monthly basis.  The penalties are £100 per period per month.

  4. 4

    JDH can prepare your vat returns, either on your premises, or you can drop the paperwork to our office.  These will always be done on time, as long as you provide us with the necessary information at the beginning of the month.  We will ensure that the vat returns are calculated correctly and that you will pay only the vat that is due.  We can be on hand for HMRC vat inspections and work with HMRC on any queries.

  5. 5

    JDH has years of experience in running payroll.  We can either train you to do your own payroll or you can simply call or email us the hours on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and we run it for you. Once the Payroll has been done We can either post or email the wage slips back to you with a minimum of fuss.

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    Electronic Bookkeeping

    JDH recommends Sage.  (We are also certified trainers of Sage 50 and Sage Instant). The value of using a software product like Sage, is that once data has been entered, a variety of reports can be produced of great value to a business.

    see examples below:

    • Customer statements can be emailed or posted regularly, to ensure your customers know exactly how much they owe you and when they need to pay you
    • Debt chasing letters can be posted or emailed – depending on how old the debt is
    • You can match your supplier statements with your own statements to make sure you aren’t being charged too much
    • Profit and loss reports can be generated – to help you have an idea of what tax you need to save for
    • Vat returns can be produced and filed online with HMRC